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Buckingham Wealth is a leading China Business Consultancy in the UK

Buckingham Wealth Ltd, a UK registered company, is a leading trade & investment consultancy, which advises mainly British companies on how to do business & invest in China. We also liaise with Chinese companies and high net-worth Chinese individual to provide the following bespoke services: Sino-UK mergers & acquisitions, setting up businesses & investing in the UK, and wealth management for Chinese clients.

Mr Biao Wang MBA is the Founder & CEO of Buckingham Wealth.
He is a British Chinese and UK MBA graduate in International Business Studies. Mr Wang was educated and worked in the commercial world in China before coming to Britain. Mr Wang has a high standard of English and has studied western customs and culture. His extensive network of Chinese government and business connections, together with the amalgam of his Chinese background, British education and multinational work experience, leaves him well placed to bridge the business knowledge gap between the two cultures. Mr Wang is able to give his clients a unique inside view of what is happening in China found nowhere else. He is also a Keynote speaker, addressing a wide range of China-related business and culture topics. Mr Wang is one of the directors at Stagescreen Productions (Films) Limited and he is also a China Business Consultant to the SCALA Group.

Mr Tim Cheek is our China Business Consultant. He has started, grown, and successfully sold his own businesses. It is from this practical experience that he is able to help companies achieve their full potential. He focuses on ‘Where do you want to be?’ then creates steps back to where you are. Every step looks at the impact on Sales, Operations, and Finance. Tim is strongly involved with matching Investors who are looking to buy into UK companies, with UK businesses that are technically excellent in their field. Tim is a specialist in helping companies to become more efficient, which is a pre requisite if they are to successfully develop. These skills are particularly useful to Chinese Businesses and Individuals who are investing in UK Companies as it bridges the gap between UK Management and Chinese owners.

Mr Rod Hamilton is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, the leading professional body, for securities and investment practitioners, in the United Kingdom and he is registered with the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the United Kingdom Government’s regulator of Financial Services. Rod concentrates on tax efficient investment for business owners. The success in this field is based on its ability to truly understand the entrepreneur, and their frustrations. Working with so many, has given him an exceptional understanding of their needs and aspirations. Rod's research and experience has spawned a multitude of routes to overcome difficulties and maintain a dependable investment strategy. Rod also works with numerous accountants, solicitors and other business advisors to ensure all are focused on the absolute best outcome for the client.

Mr Robin Johnson is one of the UK's most respected 1-2-1 leadership coaches, having coached well in excess of 400 business leaders. His experience spans almost every business sector. Many clients come from China. Robin is no ‘career coach’; he ran a profitable multi-million pound London-based corporate communications business for 18 years, before selling the trading activities. He understands the practical realities of running a successful business. His coaching sessions are deliberately tough and results driven.

Mr John Craig
CBE, is our senior China business advisor. During his career, he was a director of Standard Chartered plc, chairman of the executive committee of the British Bankers Association and a member of the Deposit Protection Board. He has been a director of several other companies, including Jupiter International Group Plc, and of several investment trusts. He was also a non-executive director of New Star Asset Management in London. Mr Craig has been to China for several investment projects many times. He also has a very good connection with Chinese government and understands the Chinese business culture.

Mr Albert Timson is our marketing and
sales consultant. He has been in the sales industry for more than 40 years. He is responsible for identifying and developing new sales channels with a view to increasing opportunities to and from China and the UK market. Albert has established a wide and strong network of client relationships and is also experienced in training staff in presentation skills, selling techniques and account management. He has been to China for business and is accustomed to the Chinese business culture.

Mr John Zerafa is our China business consultant. He completed his studies in sociology in Italy and worked in the Middle East for two years. In 1990, he set up an International Freight Forwarding Company, which has targeted trade with the Far East. He is fluent in Italian and proficient in spoken Mandarin and Arabic. Mr Zerafa has considerable experience of China and Chinese business, particularly over the last 12 years. He has worked
in China on many occations focusing on logistics and manufacturing business which has given him a deep undertanding of Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Ms Jasmine Fan is our opearation director in China. She has been in the industry of international trade and investment in China for more than 14
years and has built up an excellent network and mutual trust with the various Chinese companies, government officials and media. She also gives advice to Chinese companies on meeting high ethical standards. Ms Fan skils include negotiation combined with a deep understanding of Chinese and western business cultures.

Mr Mike Ainsworth is our merge and acquisition consultant. He is a business broker specialising in selling companies and commercial properties in the UK through Everett Masson & Furby (EM&F) a company that has been selling businesses since 1963. Prior to working with EM&F he was involved in business marketing and between 1999 and 2007 he owned a company that imported electrical goods, cookware and other products for distribution throughout the UK and Ireland. Through the import company he has visited and travelled in China quite extensively and worked with many Chinese companies.

Ms Qing Wang is our public relations and media director in China. She graduated from the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, holding a BA degree in Public Relations. She worked for a leading luxury British car brand company as a public relations manager in China before
she joins in the team of Camellia Universal Limited (China Business & Investment Advisors). Ms Wang has established an invaluable network and relationship with media and big companies in China. She is also specialised in public speech writing and branding strategy and promotion. Currently Ms Wang is helping several British brands enter into the luxury market in China.

Buckingham Wealth Ltd is registered in England & Wales, Registered No.: 8599961 & VAT No.: 166976353

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