Doing Business in China

Buckingham Wealth focuses on advising British companies on understanding Chinese business culture

In order to conduct successful business in China, it is essential to observe and understand Chinese market and business culture. While we work together with several British and American companies who try to do this, we also realise that there are several British & American companies who ignore this vital issue. It is paramount that we recognise that the Chinese do not do business as we do. It would be naive to try to do business in China with a western mind and approach. Regardless of business experiences in your home country, in China it is the right relationship (Guanxi) that makes all the difference in ensuring that business will be successful. By getting the right relationship, the organisation minimises risks, frustrations and disappointments when doing business in China. The Chinese are a proud nation: many business deals fail at the outset due to fundamental misunderstandings. The most difficult aspect of understanding a people is to understand their ethics, values, etiquette and protocol. As outsiders, we miss the very subtle nuances operating within a culture and often we do not clearly understand what influences and drives a successful business relationship. 

Our services include:

Due Diligence
Corporate Advisory
Sino - UK Mergers & Acquisitions
Setting Up Business & Investing in China
Understanding Chinese Business Culture
China Market Entry Strategy
Branding Strategy in China

However, our services are customised to the needs of individual businesses to maximise their success in China.

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